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Telescoping lids for 10 frame boxes $24 each
cypress Tongue and groove tops
Cypress frames/Edges
Painted with white oil based paint, even painted underneath lip of lid to deter rot

The covering I used is official white TPO vinyl ROOFING material, not metal flashing!
It will not rust or need to be repainted.
It has been applied with the proper contact adhesive and stapled with STAINLESS staples all the way around.

These are Quality lids at a reasonable price

I have over 150 of them. Volume discount available

I also have some that are inferior quality that I’m willing to let go for $10-$15 a piece.

Insect Bee Plant community Membrane-winged insect Grass

Insect Bee Grass Membrane-winged insect Beehive

Table Wood Wood stain Furniture Tree
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