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Cypress Observation Hive
Vero Beach, FL
Asking $400.00

This is a 4 frame, single width observation hive for DEEP frames.

Hand crafted with quality Cypress Lumber, sanded and coated with seven coats of gloss polyurethane.

The plans that were used to build it come from bonterra bees plans, and as per Michael Bush have the most appropriate bee space of all OB hive plans. That means minimal burr comb against the glass and less propolization between frames.

It has:

4 side vents
1 top feeder
1 side entrance - plumbs to 1.75 tubing for exit through wall. Can reduce entrance hole if needed
2 Real glass, no plexiglass. easier to clean and stays clear
2 luan covers to keep bees in the dark

It is easy to open and clean out. Light weight enough for one person to carry. Has a stable base to be placed on a table.

Watch the fascinating bee TV!!

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