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Cutting plastic foundation

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Anyone use a compound miter saw to cut plastic foundation? OR would I be better off using my table saw? Need to cut around 200 foundation for my quad mating nucs for next year. I'm real tired of wax and wiring atm so plastic wins. What blade do you use to cut the plastic, just a standard wood cutting blade or something finer?
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i have not done this Clayton, But I have cut Plastic /plexiglass.
A metal blade fine tooth blade is what I ended up using. go slow (feed speed) , I would think you can cut 4-6 at a time, which may help with vibrations.

I use my skillsaw for plastic foundation. No problem cutting 2 at a time.
I use my chop saw with a finish blade. I typically cut 6-8 at a time
I used a table saw here, but either way should work depending on which one you are most comfortable with.
I tried using a chop saw one year to cut corners off, one brand shattered and cut really badly, and another worked fine. I would say a sharp high tooth count blade is probably the most important thing.
I have cut Ritecell foundation quite easily using the guide and a 7" crosscut blade from Ace on my old table saw.
I use a 90 tooth carbide blade on a table saw.
I cut a bunch of rite cell plastic foundation for my quad mini mating nuc earlier this year on my compound miter saw. I cut them in thirds, three sheets at a time. No problems whatsoever. Set up a stop block and plunge slow. Work safe.
Any power saw works, but agree more and finer teeth work best and are safer. Also, make sure you bring your blade up to speed before cutting. This stuff does kick back and can shatter. J
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