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Cutout question - cable junction box

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I have a call to do a cutout from a cable box. They sent me the attached image. Has anyone done this before? Any advice or heads up in what to expect? I'm wondering how easy it will be to remove if the comb is connected to the top of the cover - I obviously can't cut it open or destroy it in any way.

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Doesn't that thing just lift off?
comb attached to the top and sides, no problem, it all the wiring that will be integrated into the comb that will be a witch. Still overall an easy removal.
all the wiring that will be integrated into the comb that will be a witch.
I had not thought about all the wires. Hopefully there will not be much. I know the one in front of my house basically just has a cable wire in and a cable wire out to the home.
It looks like the top portion will just pop off. It seems like there's a spot to get something to pry it up. Perhaps a screwdriver or something similar. The only thing I've seen like this is a video of a guy trying to remove a AHB hive from it. He wasn't happy about it and ended up with a garden hose. Please do take pictures and post them here!!!
who called you? If its the cable company they should be able to give you help. If it is the home owner you had better get the cable company involved. There are all sorts of laws about tampering with utilities.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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