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I have an apprentice that really wants to learn every step of every task, so. We did a cut out yesterday, taking the time to show him how I get ready before even cutting into the wall, Then we started cutting into not one but two sheets of half inch dry wall. No lath thank goodness. Of course the first panel cam out with comb and bees on it. I showed him how I cut the comb from the dry wall and graft it into an foundation-less frame. I use 4 to 6 rubber bands, then placed it into a card board nuc. My partner adjusted his vacuum volume and started sucking up bees. Of course the room was filled with bees by then and you could not work fast enough.
Long story short we ended up with all the comb, honey and brood and several pounds of bees in the vacuum. We emptied it three times into the nucs
I went back today and used my vacuum, which stays on my trailer and a long pool hose. (this was a second floor room) I took maybe 5 pounds of bees and we sealed the outside holes to the satisfaction of the owner.

I do not charge, but ask for a donation towards my expenses, gas rubber bands ect. The owner was so please he gave me a 50. I usally tell them at least 35 bucks.

I left with a satisfied owner and someone who was more then happy to help us Save the Bees. Also gave me a referral to a friend to do his House Hive.

After getting home today I worked my yard and man em I tired,,,but you know I feel so good about what we did, teaching someone to do a good job and save the bees.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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