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I bought my two top bar hives from Joey last year, one hive is thriving; I didn't establish the second one yet. The hive is well built and I love it. The roof has bowed somewhat d/t weather exposure, and I found an old metal table top to put over it that solved that problem. I was brand new to beekeeping, and Joey has led me every step of the way, taken calls and supported all questions, queries, and ponderings. He has a true love of the bees and only the bees interest at heart. He is a gifted teacher and a great support. He has mentored me via cell phone and internet. I called him yesterday to let him know the bees were out flying and he was genuinely happy to hear it. Top bar hives are easy to build from scrap, but I am not handy at all, and these were great. I look forward to him and his contributions to top bar hive beekeeping. His bars have wooden wedges and I did not use wax as a starter. The bees built straight comb. I have never set foot in another beehive, and I feel very comfortable with this hive. It has been a great journey, and the knotweed honey I tasted this fall was glorious. I'm looking forward to splitting the hive and taking full advantage of the abundant tulip poplar nectar flow this spring.
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Could you please explain to me why this was moved? And to where?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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