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Curios, do bees harvest from Kudzu. Is there at least one good use for Kudzy.

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I was wondering, do bees harvest anything from kudzu.

In WNC it is abundant and considered an invasive nuisance. I was wondering if at least the bees might like it.

I could sell Kudzu honey to tourists, LOL
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I'm right there with you... 25 minutes N of Asheville. Haven't heard of kudzu as a honey plant...the only use I've heard is to make arrowroot powder from the roots. My husband is trying out the paleo diet, and that is the first time I've ever seen arrowroot powder used in anything!
Every question on beesource has already been asked before. :D

Here's a 2008 thread on kudzu:

The one thing I heard kudzu useful for is cow feed. So if you get cows you may not hate it as much.
I've harvested Kudzu honey before. It has a purple hue and is not a bad quality honey. Makes for a great late summer resource for the bees until the goldenrod blooms. It tends to be dependent on rain with more rain = more nectar. Dry years it will not produce.
Arrowroot is a really good thickener. Next time you make gravy, use arrowroot instead of flour. The gravy will come out smooth and light.
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