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Crazy Ideas!

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Ok beeks, it's time for a little fun, and some knowledge sharing as well.

The Setup
Back in the late 1970's I belonged to the St. Louis Area beekeeper's Association. A young man there (we were all young back then!) became captivated with the idea of "Pyramid Power." Back then the idea was that a pyramid shaped object would harness and focus the cosmic powers of the universe, perhaps to our benefit. For illustration they cited suspending a well-used razor blade in the center of a pyramid shaped object, and voila! It was restored to brand new condition!

So this beek manufactured out of aluminum tubing some pyramids, about 4' tall if I remember correctly. He asked for volunteers to put them on their hives, follow his instructions, and submit regular reports. I volunteered, put one on one of my stronger colonies. Of the 16 I had, that colony struggled and was the only one that died that year. Made my reports, that was the end of the pyramid. I guess those poor bees just couldn't handle the cosmic forces of the universe focused on them. :scratch:

The Plan
Since there are a lot of ideas out there, some crazy, some not so, let's do this in two parts:
1) Crazy, failed. Put here your crazy idea that failed. Something you did, something you know about. Kind of like that pyramid I mentioned.

2) Crazy, succeeded. This is where the value is. Some of those things we take for granted today, started out as a crazy idea. Beeks all over the country are trying different things, some work, some don't. Maybe you're in the high plains, ran out of smoker fuel, and discovered cow pies make the best smoker fuel ever. (we're obviously talking aged pies, not fresh! :lpf:). I think you get my point. And of course these "successes" don't have to be all that crazy.

We just might learn some things, share some knowledge, and have a little fun at the same time.
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I love where you're going with this. I've been playing it safe as a beek, but I hope you get lots of respponses.

It would help me. I'm no good with ideas, but I can recognize a good idea and don't mind stealing it
What makes you think #2 is crazy? When I had cows thats all I ever used, its great fuel. If I had moose in my area I would use moose poop pellets, they have to be the ultimate smoker fuel.
People all ready think I'm strange enough. If I start poking around the woods for moose poop whenever I go up to NH my friends may disown me.
There you go BigEddie! The ultimate in recycling... and that's a crazy success... crazy in that who would think of using such a resource? Can you imagine one of the bee suppliers packaging that for sale? :lpf: Who knows, it just might take off!
I've got characters trying to sell me No. 2 every day.
The characters I know don't even try to sell it to me, they just give me #2 every day!:D
I have some try to give me some of it before it will burn:D!!
You know, the other day, I got to thinking about when my Dentist shone an ultraviolet light in my mouth in order to cure the bonding.

Then I started thinking about how lasers are used to focus in on particular cancer cells.

Then my crazy mind jumped to the next thought. Wouldn't it be nice if you could flash some sort of light onto the bees where the wave length would be absorbed into the mite and leave the bee untouched.

heck, you could shine this light across the bee's landing board thus killing the mites before they could establish themselves in your hive.

So if anyone out there decides that this has merit, I do want a piece of the action as I am tired of all the #2 that my boss puts on my plate.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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