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crazy drone brood(larva)

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I removed them...guessing that was the right thing to do?
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That is strange. I checked my hives on Tuesday; there are hatched drones inside, but as of today they are not coming out of the hive.

Only if you don't want open mated queens.
drones in hive and brood besides the crazy stuff
"nature finds a way" - Dr Ian Malcolm -jurrassic park. if you stunt their ability to raise drones they will find a way to do it. they know that they need drones so they find a place.
If you are using 'regular' foundation, that is "worker-bee" sized. Bees want to also raise drones, so they may build drone sized 'bridge' comb between boxes to raise drones. If you prefer to discourage that bridge comb, giving them a 'drone' frame with larger cell foundation or a foundationless frame where they can build cells the size they want may help.
There was plenty of "normal" drone brood on the frames this was just crazy and between the boxes
I got alot of that in two strong hives, the top bars of 5-6 frames are totally covered in drones. Next time thru I'll scrap everything clean.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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