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Couple questions from a newbie

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1) I'm having trouble seeing eggs in cells. I just opened up my hives today for the first time after rehoming the nucs last week. I'm able to eye the larvae fairly easily, but struggling to see the eggs. I think the dark foundation and old comb from the nucs is making this assessment tougher. Any advice or guidance to help pinpoint or see eggs more clearly?

2) Behavioral question: One of my hives the bees refuse to enter the main entrance of the hive i.e the opening between the bottom board and bottom brood box. They will exit this way, but will will only enter the hive via much more difficult maneuver flying under a 2x2 on the front of the outer cover and through the secondary and much smaller entrance between the inner cover and top of the brood box. Not a big deal, just interesting and wondering if this is common or something others have seen? Thanks!!
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Hi black dog, to see eggs better... I stand with my back to the Sun, then hold frame up to eye level, and tilt it just a bit. Should help some.
Also, I put #4 screen over the notch on inner cover. This acts as a vent in the top to help remove moisture. Think of the chimney effect. It's all a matter of preference really. I want all my bees coming and going from the same entrance. Just my preference. I think strength in numbers at entrance. Ie : robber bees, yellow jackets, and wasp ect. Entering the hive.
Good luck to you, and hope the bees do well for you !!!! 馃対

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The sun used to be all I needed. Now it's glasses and a good, small flashlight to see eggs. Or, you can snap some pics of the comb with your phone and then zoom in later when you've finished your inspection. I do that sometimes if I really want to get a look but time and maybe weather aren't on my side. As far as the entrance goes I sometimes have colonies that do their own thing and I let them have at it.

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I bought a cheap magnifying glass which also has a couple lights at Walmart, set the sun to your back as mentioned and use the glass, eggs will look as big as beans:D (not really, but you get the idea). I keep the MG in an old sock in my tool box to keep it clean, sock and glass probably less than $10 or so.

BTW, found the added lights really dont make a difference, maybe a tad if it is real cloudy, but not a must.
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