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Could I Have A Copy Of Your Insurance Policy?

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I have been asked to write an article about insurance coverage for beekeepers. I need a copies of insurance policies that insurers issue to commercial, sideliner and or hobbiest beeks. I figure some of you commercial folks have coverage.

I would like to get copies of policies that cover everything: general liability, auto and products liability. I also would like to see if different carriers are issuing different forms.

I you would be willing to send me a copy of your policy, please send me a PM. I obviously would keep your identity in confidence in the article.


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There is a guy from Williamsburg, VA who wrote some articles for the bee mags, years ago, "Bees and the Law". I don't recall his name. I believe that he had an article about insurance. You might go to and see if you can search the word insurance and see what articles they have. Bee Culture may have some too.

I have liability as part of my Special Farm Package w/ Farm Family Casualty Insurance Company through Farm Bureau. Perhaps they could help yopu w/ some examples of policies.
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