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Cordless bee vac

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Anyone ever tried it. Any thoughts for or against. Thanks
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I know a lot of people make bee vacs powered by a small shop vac. I have been thinking how well one made powered by a Dewalt cordless vac would be. You could go anywhere with it.
You could go anywhere with it.
And take lots of batteries
yeah Ive got an 18 volt dewalt. thought id try it.

and ive noticed that ignorance made audible is not always profanity
My set up is a dewalt plugged into a five gal bucket w/ a screen on the inlet. On the hose side is a tube that runs down and curls on the bottom of the bucket. Tried one of those dust devils (the ones w/ the red motor housing) and was hard on the bees. The Dewalt has just about the right suction and yeah you better carry some extra batteries. They give you about a half hour of intermediate use (you have to shut it down and let the batteries balance themselves).
Used a cordless Dewalt volt for 2 seasons. It supplies enough vacuum, but as 'honeyman46408' suggested, it takes more than one battery. On more than one occasion a large cutout or swarm was almost too big for my power resources. At one large cutout I had to run after a couple of long extension cords to finish the job. The cordless part of the vac quit at the end of last year, so rather than buy another cordless I did as 'brac' suggested to you and bought a generator for this year. Now I'm ready for any size and location.
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