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I just wanted to let you know about a new free tool I've published at

It is a Question and Answer site similar to StackExchange. It allows for up voting and down voting of both questions and answers. The asker gets to choose the answer with the best fit or that solved their problem. Users are awarded points for various activities.

The idea is to have a central repository of common questions and answers. With the "best" answer being push to the top of the answer pile right below the question. I hope that this cuts down on people asking questions that have been answered in the past.

Natural experts will receive recognition as such and quickly move up through the ranks, ie. egg, larva, pupae, drone, worker, queen.

Each question has it's own URL and can be shared on other discussions sites as a point of reference.

Stale or unanswered questions can be closed as such.

Questions and answers can be commented on. So if you need a point of clarification, you don't have to submit an answer in order to seek it.

It's a brand new site and possible has bugs. It is undergoing daily revisions as I make improvements, but it is usable as is on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. But please let me know if you run into any serious issues.

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