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Cooked honey undigestable?

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Hi - My daughters school bee club wanted to make some granola using their honey but the cook said it was a bad idea because cooked honey becomes indigestible. A quick internet search showed some claims of this, but nothing scientific. Is there truth to this?

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Her information is most certainly misplaced and incorrect. Yes, it is true that some of the natural enzymes in the honey are lost at certain temperatures (the same goes for many raw vs cooked foods) honey most certainly does not become indigestible. There are many people who substitute honey for sugar, many sauces that use honey, many foods etc.; suggesting that cooked honey is indigestible is someone who needs more correct education as they have been reading too much bad information on the internet. I even found an article suggesting heated honey becomes toxic; scary the misinformation that one can find.

BTW; We make granola (which uses raw honey) and granola bars (also using raw honey) though we have made baked versions and our hair isn't falling out from the toxic honey ;)
I have baked bread with honey (as an alternative to sugar) and that certainly is not indigestible. :)

There are plenty of commercially baked 'Honey Wheat' breads available, and even granola made with honey, as in this Kashi product:
I used honey in a bread recipe that was published in Serve it Forth: Cooking with Anne McCaffrey.

Since I was never sued, I'll presume it wasn't toxic. It never killed me, although some folks might say that doesn't prove it is safe for humans.
No validity to the claim at all. If it were true you wouldn't see it in use in so many products that are commercially available on the supermarket store shelves today.
maybe the people that wrote the information on the net, are confused. :rolleyes: Cooked honey being toxic to Bees.
The only reference I could find about this is regarding an "Ayurvedic diet" (whatever that is) that seems to be related to some kind of an Indian yoga thing: "...Raw, unprocessed honey is thought to have special heating properties that can reduce excess weight. Take a scant teaspoon followed by sips of hot water after each meal. According to Ayurvedic texts, the older the honey, the more effective it is for weight loss. Never cook honey, though; these same texts note that overheated honey is indigestible."
Heating changes honey, but not in any way that makes it indigestible. I cook with it all the time.
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