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Cook and Beals Wax melter

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Does anyone have any experience with this wax melter? How much can you process in a day? We are looking for a way to make a little more money processing wax for some other small beekeepers.
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This is a great melter, a little finicky, but you just need to learn it.
It performs best with cappings out of a cook n beal spin float honey wax seperator.

You can run run any cappings through it, i do. Just understand if the cappings have a higher percentage of honey than cappings out of a spin float, then don't fill the hopper more than half full. When the honey/wax combo warms to a point it may make a semi fluid solid and just flow right over the internal baffles getting wax and slum gum in the areas it's not supposed to be in.

In 20 years i have bought 3 of these. partly becuase of new innovations added to the machines and partly becuase after a while they need some elbow grease. Replacing elements, motors, maybe some wiring. Still great machines.

I am getting ready to list my 2 old ones for sale once i catch up on some other products.

again great machine, but there is a learning curve to using it. once you learn it i can think of no other machine that works as well.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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