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Converting Nuc to Foundationless

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I just got a new nuc of Carnis on wax foundation and I would like to convert them to foundationless. I installed the foundation frames into the deep with 3 foundationless on one side of the foundation frames and 2 on the other.

My question is should I spread out the brood that is on foundation with foundationless frames between the foundation frames or just leave the foundationless frames on the outside?

I am feeding them for a bit, so they will have plenty of food for wax as they build up.

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I would feed them a lot more than a little bit, unless they are growing well and there is a honey flow ongoing. Also feed the empty foundationless frames in between frames of brood one or two at a time, until they are all filled with comb.

The feeding plan is to feed them until they quit taking it. I was being a bit vague there :)

Thanks for the advice on frames. I installed them today, so I am going to wait a week before going back into the hive and moving frames around.
With 5 frames you could move one frame inside the drawn frames if you want. Once you have a good density of bees, you don't really have to. They will want to draw it out. I don't think you should split the drawn combs excessively until you have a strong population. If you are still having cool nights, limit splitting the frames as well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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