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contractor and my hives

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I am having some construction done to my house and the contractor wants me to move my hives. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I may contain the bees during the day, Hardware cloth in the entrance, etc. My hives are current two deeps and three mediums. It would be a lot of work moving them.
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Find a new contractor! :D

Take a look at some robbing screens. or a piece of screen over all entrances. Staple them on or use duct tape. If the job will only take a day no big deal. If its a multi-day job every evening when he leaves open them up and close them back up early in the morning. This gives them all night to beard and cool off a little. This time of year I personally wouldn't want to keep them closed up because it's hot. My 2 cents.

Just had all my roofs stripped and new ones installed, bees didn't bother anyone. Seriously, get a new contractor or tell him to do the work when it's colder and the bees are clustered. In these economic times, you can be a little more demanding. OMTCW
Perhaps the key is how far the bees are from where he will be working. But yes, you might consider a new contractor.
I am at the tail end of an addition to my home. There were 8 to 10 workers at times. I extended the back of the house about 12 feet and added new roof line, air con, etc... My hives were in the back yard the whole time and all I had between them and the workers was an 30 year old apricot tree. (about 20 feet between the house and tree) The contractors that did see the hives questioned me about them. (the bees are very tame. I can stand next to the boxes and not get a bump)

I gave the contractors the grand tour and along the way I gave them some honey. They stood next to the boxes without any issues and continued to work for the next 2 months without even thinking about it. Even during orientation flights.
Thank You all for your responses
Fire up a smoker next to your hives with a pork butt or slab of ribs during the days they are working.
Sounds like your contractor has stereotyped bees in general. Educate him, and see if he will comply. If not, find a new contractor.
Good luck!
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