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continue building comb?

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So, this past Monday I opened my 2 hives and found one was nearly honey bound in the bottom brood box, and the bees have not attempted to draw comb in the upper box. I have wood frames with plastic foundation that I waxed, but the bees didn't seem interested. So, I had an idea! I pulled every undrawn frame from the hives and re-waxed with another heavy layer of bees wax. When I returned to the hives, I pulled 3 honey bound frames from the lower box and put it in the upper box, and checker boarded the re-waxed frames in the brood box. I added a feeder with 1:1 in hopes of getting them to build comb again.
I looked at the hives yesterday and noticed both hives have started drawing out the re-waxed frames. Why wouldn't they have done that to begin with? Is it common to have to re-wax the frames you already waxed to get them to draw them out? Also, I don't want them to get honey bound again but, I want to provided enough syrup for them to continue building frames. So, my question is do I keep feeding syrup or should I feed pollen or what? What do I do now? Neither hive had any sign of wanting to swarm, but I'm trying my best to keep them getting into swarm mode.