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Actually I have been thinking about doing the same thing, but perhaps not for the same reasons. Certainly weight is a factor to consider, but here are some other points:

- 10f equipment is a bit more standardized, so things like excluders, feeders, etc are more common than 8f, and lower cost
- Using deeps for the brood boxes only, they shouldn't be terribly heavy, and they are not too high off the ground
- Honey supers mediums only
- If you have a jammin hive with 8f mediums, the height can be excessive. I already have the stand, bottom board, slatted rack, 4 supers in the brood nest, 1 honey super, feeder-waterer, ventilation board, and the roof. I can barely reach the top
- With 10f deeps, you only need 2 boxes for overwintering, instead of 3 mediums
- Since 10f boxes are wider, they will resist wind loads better. I have to use ratchet straps now, but I may feel better with a more stable stack
- When doing splits, I could use 2 frames from the deeps for walk-aways, but when I use mediums I normally use at least 3
- Taller narrower mating boxes may be a bit warmer, so the hive can manage the brood better. With mediums they need to spread out wider, so they can't cluster as well

I'll probably build some 10f equipment throughout the year and see how it goes. If nothing else Id like to use metal excluders instead of plastic, and they are much more common and affordable to get 10f versions.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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