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Consent forms question??

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This may sound kinda crazy question. Does anybody that does swarm removals that are in a houses or buildings or anywhere really on some else's property have the home owner sign a form that gives permission for the swarm to be removed and that if any damage is done while doing a cutout of any type that the person removing the swarm will not be held liable?
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I live in a very small community where there are about 800 people in the entire county way out here in West Texas. I don't present a form of any kind. It would be insulting. No one would probably say anything about it to my face but I assure you it would be all over the county that I asked them to sign a form.

This is one of those wonderful communities where deals are still transacted on the power of a handshake and your word, alone. In many ways, I'm still living in the "good old days" and I know it.

If I lived in a more heavily populated community, I would have no problem with a form, especially in a large area.

Now, THAT being said, my cutouts have been on old abandoned houses, old tires, etc. I have not done a cutout on a house currently with residents other than the bees...:)

Basically, I would say trust your gut. If you even think you need a need a form.
I talked to a lawyer about removals not too long ago. he said and I quote," If you are not charging at least $1.00, then you can be held liable." i asked him why and he said that if you charge, even a buck, that it is implied that there could possible be damage done by trying to remove the bees because they are willing to pay you for it.....I too liv ein a small town, and don't worry about consents, but If i was going to do a removal, I would have one that said basically said listen, the bees have taken over this wall, and if i don't tear into it to remove them, then if they are just killed, the mess will be a heck of a lot bigger than now....but hey, thats just me.
I live in a sue happy area. We don't use consent forms for swarm collections, the people that take the time to find me are genuinely interested in saving the bees.

For removals our club recommends contractors license, insurance, contract, etc. etc.
If you search for 'contracts' I am sure you can find lots of examples. I charge for cutouts for homes. It is hot hard work with less than 100% sucess in saving the colony. I collect free hanging swarms for free and no contact is invloved. But before I make one cut on someones home, I have a signed contract - and a beekeeping libility insurance policy.

I do not want to drive a school bus as my retirement job because someone sued my pants off. :)
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