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Conratulations, Burgh Bees!

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Wed, February 17, 2010 10:04:37 AM
Subject: Thank You!

Burgh Beesers!

What a triumph yesterday's Planning Commission hearing was the for the beekeeping community in Pittsburgh! After listening to hours of testimony from supportive community members, the Planning Commission met our request and tabled the proposed ordinance, directing City Planning to work with Burgh Bees to address the concerns of the beekeeping community.

The 80 or so individuals who came out in support of beekeeping were a true testament to the mighty spirit of beekeepers and bee lovers! An enormous thank you to all of you who came to yesterday's Planning Commission hearing as well as to the 97 individuals who sent letters to the Planning Commission in support of city beekeeping. These letters and testimony were as diverse in perspective as they were compelling in content. It was your voices which have turned this process around.

We will continue to keep the BB community posted as this process progresses.

Burgh Bees will be sending thank-yous to the Planning Commission, who heard us and acted. We encourage you to do the same by expressing your gratitude via the Mayor's 311 form. Here are a few suggested thank yous:

City Planning for their efforts to promote and encourage urban agriculture
the Planning Commission for taking appropriate steps to ensure that the urban ag code promotes best practices in beekeeping

the Mayor for his leadership in sustainability and green issues
And of course, please ask them to continue to work with Burgh Bees to create an ordinance that promotes beekeeping as an important part of the city's green efforts.

Thank you again for your support!!

Burgh Bees
200 Ross Street
Fourth Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 1521
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very cool.
I'm glad this one went in the favor of the bees and beekeepers!
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