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Confused new beek-Beeginners Luck?

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So I started beekeeping this year with my 16 year old daughter (and my wife viewing from a safe distance). The two of us took a local beek associations 3 day course (third day was cancelled due to the COVID outbreak so we didn't get that last field day) but we had (meaning me) bought two 10 frame Langstrom hives, Nuc's and the various tool, outfits and equipment. The nuc's took off like rockets (installed March 27th), added a second deep and by May 29th, put two medium supers on by the end of June, they were full (90% capped) and added another (3rd) super on July 4th. Here n NJ, and I live n a fairly dense suburban area (downtown Princeton). It now looks like the 3rd is full and I may have to add a 4th super. Is this normal? I though year one you don't get honey. I'm thinking with the COVID thing, no one sprayed their lawns for broad leaf weeds so we've had white clover blooming since May and even in late July, is still flowing, the girls are still working them. The University is only two blocks away and has fields of wild flowers and from the planting signs, are loaded with fall bloomers-asters, milkweed and golden rod which should start blooming in a few weeks. Should harvest now-the brood boxes are full, queens are young and strong? I wish everyone had this problem!
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Fantastic start for sure Jim. A couple suggestions. You need to determine how much honey to leave for the winter from a local. My guess is 2 deeps and a medium, but check to be sure.
If that is the case, I would keep adding supers with foundation to get them to draw out as many as possible. You can also swap them out frame for frame, even deeps. Reserve a super for winter. Freezer is better than fridge. Be sure to allow enough time in the fall to extract, have them clean up wet frames, dry them and treat or store them properly.
You are way ahead of a typical first year experience. Look ahead. Comb is what you want. It will solve future issues and give you flexibility. Next year, think of how much faster they will fill the supers without having to draw foundation. If they are drawing it, keep providing foundation. Nice job. J
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