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steps to take to take to requeen hive that has a failing queen (I want to move to another box just for the practice of doing it-I'm also practicing marking drones, again for the practice of picking them up.
1. shake the bees into the bottom brood box
2. shake the bees off all the other frames and move one frame of brood to the top box
3.put frames with some honey/pollen at the top, if you have it...and the new queen cage.
4. give them some drawn out foundation frames, if you have them.
5. Put on a queen excluder, hopefully all the nurse bees and workers that want to come to the top will
6. If you have a queen - she should be trapped in the bottom
7. Tomorrow go in the bottom box and look for the queen. If you find her, you can move her .... I can't remember this part----should I move her in the bottom box she is in... NEXT to the Original box?
8. or should the box with the new queen and frame of brood be in the Original location. My boxes are going to sit next to one another with about a foot between them.
I don't know if I put the new queen's box in the original spot or the old queen (which I think is not really in there).
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