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Concerned about location of frame removal..

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MY queen and I went out to remove ten frames from a super today.
I took the first frame out and brushed most of the girls off but, they were steadfast and clung and flew back onto the frame. I had a few on it when I put it in my tupperware storage box. Only one sting for the experience.

I decided to take the super and the rest of the frames to the back porch and blow them out with a leaf blower. This worked very well and allowed me to remove the next nine without any issues.

My porch is about 100 feet from the hive and they are milling about, flying in circles all over the porch. I'm concerned they won't find their way back to the hive.
Did I move them too far or am I underestiating them?
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if this was a honey only super,with no brood involved, they'll be fine.
Honey only. Why does that make a difference?
young(nurse) bees tend to brood comb, and have not made their orientation flights and will be unable to find the hive because they've never been outside. they also tend to cling fiercely to the comb, whereas worker bees are very willing to leave-and defend it, thus the question. good luck,mike
Makes sense. Thanks Mike.
Now if I could only find an extractor near Raleigh, I could save my drawn comb. ;-)

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