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Typically I have been building my own boxes from 1x? lumber from local hardware stores using plans from here and elsewhere. 1x lumber appears to be rated as normally being 3/4" thick and that appears to be borne out by using standard additions like frame rests etc.
This week bought a load of medium commercial flat packs from BetterBee and when I came to nail in the frame rests (from Dadant) discovered they didn't fit and that I has to cut 1/4" off all of them as the lumber used to make the supers was 7/8" instead of 3/4".
Is this normal for commercial woodenware? (never bought any before). Not really that worried as apart from the the rests everything else fits, real tight on the frame ears and guess that might be an issue going forward, but it does make an issue for plans obtained over the intenet.
Along the same lines discovered that the plans from Honey Run Apiaries for a ventilated top inner cover specify the front and back external dimension to be 16 1/2" whereas I believe the normal Langstroth external dimenison is 16 1/4" Unfortunately I blindly followed the plan and then discovered that the top lid won't fit.
Do different suppliers provide equipment that are based upon their own specifications and that may not work with other suppliers.?
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