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combining hives

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Hey guys I have a quick Question. I have a swarm that does not have a queen so I am going to be introducing the box they are in to another Hive I have. My question however is. I noticed when I try to move their box (maybe because there is no queen) the bees just bundle up in the empty spot where the box was (I moved it back because that concerned me), that said if I move the box to combine it are the bees going to be able to find the box (I just moved it about 50 yards away and they were confused!)


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I do not know that reorienting is the thing since not only am I moving there box but I am putting it with another hive so they will literally be entering a hive that is not theirs. Is reorienting enough?

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If they do not reorient, they fly out on "autopilot" and come back to the old place. Then, since they did not take note of where they were, they start spiraling out looking for a colony. They typically move into the first colony they find.

If they DO reorient, then they take note of where they are, fly out to the field, fly back on autopilot and go to the old location. After a while they remember taking note of the different location and they fly back to there.

Bees drift all the time under normal circumstances. More so under different circumstances.

"The percentage of foragers originating from different colonies within the apiary ranged from 32 to 63 percent"--from a paper, published in 1991 by Walter Boylan-Pett and Roger Hoopingarner in Acta Horticulturae 288, 6th Pollination Symposium (see Jan 2010 edition of Bee Culture, 36)
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