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combining frames of bees from different hives

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I have gotten an idea in my head that when it is desireable to move a frame with bees from one hive to another, there is a likelhood that serious fighting would break out and many dead bees will die. I guess I got this from the practice of using newspaper to do combines. I am hesitant to add frames with open brood (with bees) when I have a queenless hive, fearing the worst. In recent weeks I have heard otherwise, that the threat of all out war is very overrated.

I would appreciate input from the experience of more seasoned beeks on this. Can frames with bees be moved from one hive to another routinely? Thanks for your replies.
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yes, it's done all the time. It's best to move a brood frame with mostly nurse bees so give it a moderate shake to knock off the older bees. The young nurse bees will hold tight to the brood. Check real well that the queen isn't on it.
queenless bees, especially with brood, do not cause fighting. You can take one from from each of several hives, so long as each frame is queenless, no fighting will occur.
Thanks for the helpful input.

I do not even give them a shake, the forager bees don't even realize they are in a different hive in most instances the pheromones from the brood tend to mask the queen a bit. Just Me, But if I am trying to give a hive a boost I want to give it the best I cam, and every nurse helps. once they leave the hive they return home.
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