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Combinding hives...?

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I cought a small swarm that is to small to build up for the winter. Could I combine it back in to the original hive? Just put a newspaper in between both if the hives and let them combine. Wouldn't the best queen survive and take over the hive?

Apreciate all the information
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no!!!!!!!! if it were me i would kill the queen in the swarm, and then combine them,the swarm queen is the oldest , and most liklley will need to be requeened any way, if you dont kell one of them the bee will keep killing one another as long as the oder of both queens are in the hive : good luck rock
Kill the swarm queen, then combine. If they battle, one will end up dead, but the other will frequently have injuries enough to cause supersedure.
When you combine hives place the hive on top with the queen you want to keep. the queen on top is the one the combined hives most likely keep 99 percent of the time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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