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drawing wax is about as easy as picking winning lotto tickets -- every hive is different

but it really comes down to one part of the bees life - and thats the wax days!!

young bees that are about 3 weeks old produce a good amount of wax - after about 4 weeks this wax production goes way down to the point where they dont produce wax

this is where a good queen comes in to play for new hives - the sooner she can lay the sooner you get new wax production

then comes the food part of it - natural nector produces better wax then sugar water but if they are not getting nector they have to use sugar water

so then comes the pace in which comb can be made - each bee that can produce wax makes about 18 flakes a day - .... not very much but if you have large numbers of bees it adds up taxes

anyhow - there is sooooo many veritables in the drawning of wax but hope this guides you to what is taking sooo long
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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