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Comb honey had brood in it = crush & strain

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Well, I harvested several hives, extracted and was working on cutting out a few supers of comb in foundation-less frames. Some beautiful dry cap, some wet cap and some darker comb. After chunking out the darker stuff I realized it had been used for brood. Quite a bit chewier... but still tasted fine... nonetheless I think it'll end up as crush and strain. Might be a little too "natural" for most folks.
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Crush and strain the stuff that had cocoons in it. Only make comb honey from new white wax. People will not like the cocoons. They won't hurt you, but they are not appetizing...
I saw the pictures. It looked good. Were you able to salvage any of the comb?
I would try to leave the frames that had brood in them as feeder frames.
I had that same thought... After I cut it all out. But all is not lost. The wet frames went back in and I'm still getting comb drawn and filled pretty fast. My struggle at the moment has been keeping ahead of their expansion.
A tool that works great for removing unwanted cells is a melon baller; you've go one in your kitchen drawer.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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