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Comb Guide Length

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How long do you beeks build the comb guides on the top bars? Do you build them sidewall to sidewall or leave bee space at the ends? Trying to find the best option for my next hive build. I currently have about a 1/2" gap between bottom comb guide and sidewall but I get a lot of bulging honeycomb on the ends near the top. I am curious if I build the guides all the way to the hive wall if this will solve the problem.
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what kind of frame and hive?

I use strips of thin Surplus, I can get a 9 frame super done with 1 sheet of deep wax cut in appx 1 inch strips

I am not sure a 1/2 inch gap would cause an issue.

do you have pics of the issue?

KTBH. One piece top bar with triangle wedge as comb guide. At work so no pics.
KTBH. One piece top bar with triangle wedge as comb guide. At work so no pics.
ok thanks, the picture is clearer now.

does the top bar have sides? if not the intent I think,, is to not attach the comb to the side walls, hence the gap.
Sides sloped to 120 Degrees from horizontal. I don't get much side attachments, just at the ends of the bars in the honey band section.
not sure the wedge length would affect that much. It would be worth a try. A sharp long slender knife would work to slice it for removal.
A fillet knife comes to mind. could try to slice off 3/8 full from the edge and see if they tend to leave it.

could you angle cut the ends part way at the 120 degrees and attach a 6 inch side bar to mitigate this issue? the slice method may work just as well

could also pose the question in the KTBH threads.

sorry I cannot offer more help.


I may try a bar with the wedge length that is sidewall to sidewall and see if that makes a difference. I don't see another top bar forum besides this one. Thx for your insight.
Personally, I like to see holes/gaps at the top corners of combs. Think about "how do the bees move from one comb to another" during Winter. If combs had solid top and side attachments, then the cluster would have to go 'the long way around' - and crossover underneath the combs - where the temperatures are coldest.

"Be kind to your bees" :)
No holes or gaps on mine, they are attached at the top ends to the next comb. I have holes drilled in the wedge of all my bars. "Super Duper Highway" The bees absolutely love them.
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