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Colored Nectar

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I went into my hives today and noticed that some of the nectar in my strong hive is sort of colored. Almost all of the nectar is perfectly clear but there are areas in a couple of frames that have a hazy, rainbow colored nectar. When I first started the hive this year I had noticed some SHB larvae on the pollen patties. I pulled off the larvae and haven't seen any beetles since.

Could this be the beginning of fermented honey or it this normal? I did not recognize any off smell or other signs that there was a problem.

I'll try to take pictures tomorrow when I add a honey super to the top of my hive.
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Perhaps they have been visiting a hummingbird feeder??:p
Could it be where the bees are mixing nectar and pollen to feed.

I'm a newbie at this. Do the bees mix the pollen and nectar when they feed? That would explain the color.

I guess I thought that they just fed from the nectar and pollen at different times.

Maybe they're mixing it to feed the brood in which case I should find brood near the same location?


They only visit the hummingbird feeder on Friday nights, after the queen hands out paychecks. I checked them on Monday afternoon and they usually go through their stores by the end of the weekend.
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They mix the two together. The pollen is shiny and moist looking. I can't say that this mixture is always right next to pollen. Some people refer to it as "bread pollen".
I think that different plants produce different color nectars. Think about your farmers' market honey displays. There are a range of colors, depending on the flower source.
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