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Colony queenless after swarm.

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I had a hive swarm about the 16th not exactly sure of the date as I was away. Found the swarm on the 19th when I came home and they had built comb bfrom the branches they were on. I cut out the branch and hived the swarm a few days ago. I opened the parent colony today and they are queenless and very mean. I found a few queen cells which looked like the queen emerged from but found no brood at all. Should I try recombining with the swarm? Give them a frame of eggs so they can try to raise a new queen again ? Or should I purchase a queen?
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The odds are that the queen has just not started to lay yet. It has only been about 9 days since the swarm left and a few days since the queen emerged.
It can't hurt to give them a frame of eggs and brood, if you have it.
You probably won't have a laying queen until the 1st of August. She hasn't mated yet.
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