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just got a call to get some bees. exciting because we love removing bees for peeps.

they are living in a 35 foot tree at about 7 feet up.
7 or more entrances
they dont want the tree removed.

any ideas ?

ive thought of a trap out but it is quite a distance to go back and forth routinely to check up on.
i thought about heavily smoking to see if they run out. i dont have any bee gone...maybe they would send me out a couple free bottles if i video the removal :)

any other ideas and things u folks have done would be awesome.

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How long have they been there? I actually used some Honey-B-Gone on a tree removal last Friday. The bees had just moved in. I placed a hive at the hive entrance, which was at the ground level. I adjusted the nozzle on the Honey-B-Gone bottle to "MIST" and misted the opening of the tree thoroughly. It took about two applications but they came running out like crazy. It took about an hour for them to orient to the box but they eventually did. All in all I got about 4 pounds of bees. Found the queen and the hive is doing nicely. If they have been there for awhile or are high up inside the tree it might bee tougher. Luckily these girls had just moved in.

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