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Collecting pollen or not

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A bee friend who doesn't have a computer asked me to ask about collecting extra pollen in the spring. I don't do it so have no experience.

1.- First is it a good idea to have a pollen collector on your hive if you see lots of pollen coming in? He felt the extra pollen in one of his hives caused the hive to swarm late in the summer. (Pollen bound)

2.- If it's a good idea, what type of pollen collector should he use? He thought he could have it on a few days and a few days off.

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Thank you both for your replies. I am mostly interested in knowing if this will help stop a possible swarming- to keep the hive from becoming pollen bound. I don't think he is interested in collecting the pollen per se.

Is it a good idea to put on a pollen trap or should he just remove the pollen bound frames and add empty ones?
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