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Cluster question

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I'm still pretty new at this, so please forgive if this question is off base, but I've checked on my hives several times over the past few days and have noticed that their always seems to be a few bees hanging out by the upper entrance. I'm not opening the hives, it's too cold for that. I can hear the cluster lower in the hive, but I thought all of them would be in the cluster given the temps here- low 30's today, warmest day of the week.

Is it normal behavior for some bees in the hive to leave the cluster and go walkabout around the hive?

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Yes. The bees on warmer days will take care of housekeeping chores, including checking out the weather in the upper entrance.
Bees are kinda like me constantly looking out the window and wondering "Will winter EVER end."
:lpf: same here
Scout bees waiting for it to get warm enough to fly so they can go back and tell the rest. I really don't know this as a fact just a theory.
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