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So, I was talking to a coworker today, about my bees. I explained that the queen was the heart of the hive, how she mated, how the workers gathered nectar and pollen. I could tell he wasn't grasping it. So, I tried explaining how bees build comb with the wax. He'd look at me funny, "Who does that?" I said, "The bees do that." I continue to explain how the bees fill the individual cells with nectar. He looked at me funny again, "Who does that?" "The bees do that." Then I explain how they dehydrate the nectar to make the honey, "Who does that??" "The bees do that." I finish by telling him that once the honey is dehydrated enough they'll put a thin wax cap over it. "Who does that?" "The bees do that." At this point the guy looks at me and his expression is that of someone who is trying to wrap their brain around something, but ultimately thinks you're nuts. I spent almost an hour showing him pictures and explaining. I'm still not sure if he's got it. :doh:
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It`s a sad commentary on how much people have lost touch with nature, (and reality for that matter!). I remember a study done on kids in New York ( not sure of the age but old enough to know better)... They were asked where does milk come from and the majority said "the store". Only a few said "cows" or "farmers". Some people live out their entire lives in the city. Sad.

But the one that get`s me going the most is the folks who can`t or won`t differentiate between wasps and bees. If only they knew!! They have no concept of just how much our food supply is dependent on bees.
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