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Our beek club is considering mentoring people on beekeeping which would place non-beeks in situations where they would be exposed to live bees. Is the club at risk in the case of accidents (stings, property related, etc.)?

I've seen posts regarding club insurance and wonder if we should look into it. Can't seem to find the posts now, all that pops up in the immediate search results are really unrelated.

NOTE: We will double-check to see if there are some protections in the local and state laws.

- Club picking up bee packages for members worth several thousand dollars.
- Outreach programs (prison, student, etc.) that expose people to live bees that are owned by the club.
- Hive demonstrations, etc. offered to members
- Any other?


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This may be the thread you saw earlier:

Our club (Davy Crockett Beekeepers Assn) has some demonstration/teaching hives at a local campus U of T Extension farm. From our perspective (at least), UT would deal with any bee liability issues. Our club doesn't carry insurance, and I have never hear the issue come up, at least in the two years that I have been a member.
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