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Clover all over

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I travel a lot for work, and having spent a good deal of time on the highways in SD, IA, MN & NE I can say I have never seen so much clover in the ditches. Miles & miles of yellow, white & red.

What gives? Did we stop spraying 24D?

Has anybody else noticed this?

I need more supers! :)
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We have miles of both dutch and sweet clover this year but no honey being made off of it. I just talked to five other beekeepers totaling just under one thousand hives and know one is producing much of anything. It's odd because I have hives three hours away on a different floral source that are producing a bumper crop.
We always have a lot of clover here in wet years. My bees are working it hard but don't seem to be putting up much.

I believe it requires hot temps to produce lots of nectar.
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