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Close hive entrance?

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After I lost my hive I cleaned it out and took the honey. I put the frames back in the hive figuring when I get my nuc the new bees will be able to feed off the remaining honey and not need to work so hard building comb. A couple of days ago with warmer weather I noticed a couple of honeybees at the hive; following two days there were a couple dozen.
My question is should I close up the entrance to keep them out or just let them eat.? My concern is when I get my bees next month will other bees will come back and rob them?
Is it possible they may move in and I will end up with two hives?
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Mr. Happy in San Diego doesn't know we had snow that stuck to the ground here in New Haven on Monday. I doubt you have to worry about wax moths yet, but the advice Michael Bush gave of setting up a bait hive (perhaps you'll get a swarm from me) with a few combs and taking the other supers and combs and keeping them where there's no chance of getting wax moth damage from any moths or larvae that might have survived the winter somehow. If you bring them inside, you can cycle combs through the freezer and protect them that way, or there's always paradichorobenzene crystals.

Where in New Haven are you? I'm at the base of East Rock. I consider myself lucky that all my colonies came through the winter ok. I've lost them over the winter in the past...truly sad. I hope I've finally gotten some winter-hardy, hygienic stock!
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