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Close hive entrance?

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After I lost my hive I cleaned it out and took the honey. I put the frames back in the hive figuring when I get my nuc the new bees will be able to feed off the remaining honey and not need to work so hard building comb. A couple of days ago with warmer weather I noticed a couple of honeybees at the hive; following two days there were a couple dozen.
My question is should I close up the entrance to keep them out or just let them eat.? My concern is when I get my bees next month will other bees will come back and rob them?
Is it possible they may move in and I will end up with two hives?
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I was not worried about wax moths because of the cold winter. I was concerned about bees thinking it was a food source but once the comb was cleaned out I figured they would stop because by the time my bees arrive there will be enough in bloom.
I am in Naugatuck not to far from East Rock. I only have one hive but thinking about getting another and figured if I inadvertently had new bees move in I would end up with two and not have to go back and forth on getting another hive
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