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Clips to keeps frames from banging around?

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Getting ready to start an outyard so I'll be hauling hives on bumpy roads with my trailer. Seems like the frames will swing back and forth, rub, squish bees. A couple of clips or spacers on each side of each box could stop that. Don't see any for sale.
Why aren't they necessary?
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Once the bees have been in a box for a while, they pretty much propolised/ brigde and burred combed everything in place.
If you're that worried, just make some wooden shim or buy some precut shims at HomeDepot/LOWES and push them down between the box walls and end frames and call it 'good to go!'
If your bees do not know how to propolize, face the frames so they will not swing with the turns.
Frames Parallel to the truck, or perpendicular?

I have done both, but haven't noticed any difference. Has anyone seen the difference, or is there one?

They know how to propolize. But I've checked for eggs, rotated drone comb, etc.
So if I leave them be a couple of days, I can expect the frames to be still stuck when I get there?
I get nervous about the same exact problem occaisionally. It always ends up fine though. I would make sure you leave the hives alone for at least 3 days to give them a chance to tighten everything together again.
We are going to have to call you the thread resurrection king!! :lpf:
Yeah, sorry; but you never know, someone might need it. :)
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