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Cleaning White Frosting Buckets In The Dishwasher

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Can you put white frosting buckets in the dish washer? It would sure save a lot of scrubbing. I have let the bees have what they want, but they always leave some stuff behind that needs cleaning. I have put other smaller plastic buckets in the dishwasher and they sort of slumped. I only have a few of the frosting buckets and don't want to waste them. By the way, how much honey to they hold? They don't look like a standard 5 gal. bucket.

Thanks, Jerry
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I get buckets from a local grocery (they use their hot water power hose to clean them out for me) and the Sam's (I'm on my own). For the Sam's buckets, I use hot water & Dawn because of the grease. Then rinse, rinse, rinse.

Interestingly, I'm diabetic, and I've had to turn the Sam's bucket washing over to my husband. I was actually getting a contact high (glucose, that is) from the sugar touching my skin. Probably breathing in some, too, with the steamy water.
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