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Cleaning White Frosting Buckets In The Dishwasher

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Can you put white frosting buckets in the dish washer? It would sure save a lot of scrubbing. I have let the bees have what they want, but they always leave some stuff behind that needs cleaning. I have put other smaller plastic buckets in the dishwasher and they sort of slumped. I only have a few of the frosting buckets and don't want to waste them. By the way, how much honey to they hold? They don't look like a standard 5 gal. bucket.

Thanks, Jerry
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Hi: Echoing Beeslave,
A weak bleach solution will sanitize them just fine. Make sure you rinse them very well after the bleach wash to eliminate the chance of bleach contamination to your honey.
I sanitize with a mild bleach solution of 2 oz of bleach to 5 gallons of water. I use this ratio to sanitize brewing, wine making, and beekeeping equipment and find it effective and inexpensive. I have a "new" plastic garbage can with a lid filled with about 20 gallons of this solution that I just soak glassware and some plastics and other implements in for a few hours or over night, then rinse with clear water. There is enough hypochlorite in the mix to do the job, but not so much as to be obnoxious. Note that metal (stainless steel too) and some plastics needs to be removed quickly since they will be attacked and degrade/corrode if left in the solution. This ratio can be made a bit stronger or "refreshed" if you think it necessary as long as you rinse thoroughly. I don't sanitize wood with this since it is absorbent.

Good luck. Paul
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