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Cleaning Plastic Frames

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I just cleaned some plastic frames from my in laws that had some hives not make it. Some of the frames revealed starvation with a few bees headfirst in the cells. All the frames with white wax, were easy to clean. When I got to the brood area of the frame, I was gritting my teeth:scratch: trying to scrape it off. I would then use a jet stream of water to wash off the foundation and hang them to dry. I did keep some of the frames full of white wax. Will anything need to be done to get the bees to take on the frames? Should I add more wax? I left some of the white wax around the edges to help the bees get started. This is the first time I have tried recycling with frames like this.

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I've actually just scraped them off with the hive tool and reuse them. The bees do a pretty good job accepting them and reusing them. Due to mites, I usually let them sit until the next year if possible.

That's actually one of my favorite spring pastimes, sitting outside in a lawn chair scraping old plastic frames and cleaning wooden frames and installing wax starter strips.

I accumulate the wax and run it through my homemade solar melter.
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