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Cleaning Honey, pail filters

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I just finished my first extraction.... WOOT!

I got about 8 gallons from 3 medium frames (edit... supers... dooh :0).

Now I'm cleaning up and it really is tough to get all the little wax out of the stainless pail filters. Any tricks you guys use?

I also ran into frames that had some pollen in them and processed that with the honey. What do you guys do with that?

Thanks for any help.

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Pollen in the honey is a bonus and I love it when I get some in mine. Wax stuck to the stainless steel filter is a pain. I'm careful to avoid it but when it does get stuck, boil some water and pour it over the filter. That will remove the wax. If your tap water is hot enough, that may work as well but mine isn't quite hot enough.
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