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I extracted frames and put them back on the hives over an inner cover for the bees to clean. I went back 16 hours later and the bees were filling and capping. So I just put them back on the hives and let the bees fill. I got an extra 200 lbs of honey in a few weeks.

I took the honey supers off again, extracted, and set the frames out in the open this time for the bees to clean out. I left 24 hours and retrieved the frames and found that the wax had been chewed badly. How do you do either of these cleaning techniques successfully? Should I have left out for just a few hours?

In the first case I wanted to get the frames off the hives and treat. I did not necessarily want more honey. I thought we were in the dearth but obviously not. Next year I will rob a few weeks later! I have heard to put the supers on at night over an inner cover and retrieve them in the morning, but would that be enough time to clean out?

In the second case I did not want my wax damaged so badly. Can you store the frames wet? After the frames are dried out I seal in bags and run thru the freezer for 48 hours. I do not want to use paramoth. So, would they be fine to store that way wet? I wish I had the space for a walk in freezer, then I would just put whole supers in to freeze!

What do you do?
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