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Local feral survivors in eight frame medium boxes.
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Most of these you can read for free on my website here: Classic beekeeping and queen rearing books

My overview is here:
and here:
and here:

Details: Hardback. 828 pages 249 Illustrations.
These men laid the groundwork and worked out the details of practical systems of queen rearing. Pellet did a lot of distilling down of the various systems, which is very valuable, Smith perfected a lot of what Doolittle started. Miller and Hopkins were the queen rearing examples for the beekeeper who just wanted a few good queens for themselves. If you want to raise queens, these books are the place to start. If you want to read a variety of methods from the old masters here they are all in one place.

Scientific Queen-Rearing by G.M. Doolittle
Miller Method of Queen Rearing by C.C. Miller
Practical Queen Rearing by Frank Pellett
Alley Method of Queen Rearing by Henry Alley
Hopkins Method of Queen Rearing by Isaac Hopkins
Hopkins 1886 Method of Queen Rearing by Isaac Hopkins
Queen Rearing Simplified by Jay Smith
Better Queens by Jay Smith
With an overview of queen rearing by Michael Bush
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