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This seems to be the most popular recipe posted by Alpha6 when I do a search. The confusing part to me is in the description he says you will have 4-4.45 gallons of feed ready to go. Is this a concentration of HBH or ready made. Seems like a lot of essential oils if it’s ready made considering he’s adding full droppers and not drops in first recipe. I’m just looking for a concentrate to have on hand that I can then add to my sugar syrups. Thanks

Liquid Feed – Sprayer (or feed)
3 Gallons of Water
20 lbs of Sugar
(1.5 droppers of thyme oil) – Optional for use with mite control misting or as treatment/feed
3 droppers of lemongrass oil
3 droppers of spearmint oil
5 teaspoons of Soy Lecithin Granules

In a 5 gallon bucket pour in one gallon of very hot water (not boiling). Mix in 5 teaspoons of Lecithin granules. With a mud mixer or similar mixer, mix in the granules for a couple of seconds. Add your lemongrass and spearmint oil to the mix and run the mixer again. Next, add two gallons of tap water. Mix again. Next, start adding your bags of sugar. Add a couple of bags and mix then add more. If you try and add too much at once it can burn out your mixer. Keep mixing until all the sugar is mixed well into the solution. You should have about 4- 4.5 gallons of feed ready to go.
(For mite control misting) Get a garden sprayer. Use one that has not been used before as you do not want chemicals in your feed. I label the one I use “Bee Feed” so it doesn’t get confused with anything. Pour in your mix and pressure up your sprayer. I use the fine mist setting. This allows you to mist a frame in one or at most two sweeps and doesn’t soak the frame or bees but gives it a nice even complete coating. Place into your hive and move to the next frame.
Lastly, I run two of these feeds with thyme and then just run them with lemongrass and spearmint. Towards the end of Nov. I will feed one more time with thyme. No special reason that I do this but experimenting around I found this works best for the bees. My mite counts since starting this method have been very low to zero.
Alternate Liquid Feed (makes up a smaller batch)
2qts. of water
2qts. of sugar
12 drops of thyme oil
28 drops of lemongrass oil
28 drops of spearmint oil
3 teaspoons of lecithin granules

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My recipe is as follows:

  • 1 litre hot 1:1 syrup
  • 1 tsp each Wintergreen, Lemongrass, and Eucalyptus oil (your choice of oil)
  • 1 tsp liquid Lecithin

Add a cup of hot syrup to the blender, and drizzle in the Lecithin with the blender running
Blend for a minute or so.
Drizzle in the oil and blend thoroughly, followed by the rest of the syrup.
Refrigerate for safety.
Add 1 tsp per litre of syrup for feeding.
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