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Citrus fertilizer

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On my way to check on the bees I came across a couple of people spraying a potassium, zinc based fertilizer on the blooming citrus trees mid-day within 3 miles from my hives.
The people claimed that it will not harm bees - but would like to know if any of you out there would know what the consequences could be?
My 13 hives are surrounded by citrus, avocado, orchards - I am in the middle of the only organic orchard but it is only 17 acres - and can not always see what the other orchard owners would spray. I tried to no vail to stop guys spraying Roundup right next to the orchard for keeping grass and weed in control and I hope that would be the worst.
How bad is it for the honey and for the pollen to be contaminated by pesticides and fertilizers?

I will try to do a Google search too and see the results.

Thank you for your thoughts and time,
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Roundup (glyphosate) has no impact on pollen and honey (other than the weeds/plants the herbicide kills are not available for bees to forage on).

Potassium and nitrates are common components of many ordinary fertilizers - and compost. Zinc is also used in some fertilizers. What is the problem? My bees frequently visit and forage? on my compost piles.

If bees are soaked by water used to fluidize sprays, that can be a problem for the individual bee, but that would seem to be a small issue.
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